Iglooghost, one of the most far-out, innovative, futuristic musicians on the scene today

Please take my hand and join me on the mystical journey that is Iglooghost. This artist recently popped up on Spotify during a heavy Kawaii Future Bass binge, and my jaw hit the floor. ‘New Vectors’ off the EP “Clear Tamei” was my first taste, and I was highly unprepared for the sonic density. After repeating New Vectors for a couple trips, I decided to delve deeper into the next track ‘Clear Tamei’


The singular object of my affection with Iglooghost initially was with his use of sampling, and the feelings it invokes. A motif that presents itself on Clear Tamei is a two-piece hook that is reminiscent of a creaky door lazily opening and closing in a breeze. It invites feelings of listlessness and a somber “empty”. Coupling this with driving, intense back-beats, and a completely foreign and made-up language invented by Iglooghost himself, it’s easy to see you’ve stumbled upon something truly unique and special.

Iglooghost Amu Head

The year 3019 called, and they’ve told me this is what they’re listening to. Utterly visionary. The next track threw me for a complete loop as well, ‘Namā’. Featuring samples of a babbling infant bursting into tears. I know… I know, hear me out when I say this. It works. This point on the album brought about some Adventure Time nostalgia for some reason, 'buff baby' and the 'adventures of boom-boom mountain' sprang to mind. This whole world I’ve stepped into, in a similar vein to the inventive, soft yet dark, storytelling of Adventure Time. I had to dig further.


A little google action lead me to this interview, where Iglooghost, otherwise known as Seamus Malliagh discusses his ideas and concepts for his music. I would highly recommend giving it a check it after reading this article. I will let the artist, and the interview, speak for itself, but a brief synopsis is this: Iglooghost’s first full-length album, Neō Wax Bloom, tells the story of Mamu, a far off world of Malliagh’s own creation. Malliagh explains, saying the God of Mamu’s eyes had fallen out. His next release was a double-EP, featuring two characters: Tamei, and Mogu. Tamei is the God from Neō Wax Bloom as a baby, and Mogu is a rival from the future who came back in time to kill Tamei.


Iglooghost walking with Amu

Are you still with me? We’re working with an artist who samples crying babies and sings in his own invented language here. You knew we were going on a wild ride.


Seamus has also recently released a new… Mix? Puzzle? Alternate Reality Game? It can be found on his soundcloud. It’s titled “Choose Your Own Adventure”, and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a 32 minute mix of tracks with a narrator guiding you around the mix to different timestamps. The reward for navigating this precarious mix is a link to a new, unreleased track. (Or so I’m told, I’ve yet to navigate it properly without “dying”) And yes, you can actually “die” while banging out this mix.


What I find so fascinating about Seamus as an artist, is everything he does is so drenched in digital. It is dripping in creation. And for that, I believe he is before his time and pushing boundaries. I can foresee a future where more mainstream artists release things like choose-your-own-adventure style releases. I can see pop top 40 sampling wilder and wilder ideas for their sonic backdrops.  One negative I have to say, given the immense density of creativity and vision, it’s near impossible for me to point at any one song and say “yes, this song is about…”. I know that there is a story here, I know that a thought went into telling this, but I can’t seem to pry that meaning out for myself. I’m stuck to just sit, and enjoy it for what it is. I am forced to be made to feel, which… Ultimately, is the goal of any artist. It is not enough to tell your audience what you felt during the creation of your art, the goal is to make the viewer feel what you felt in that moment. And Iglooghost does that without exception. I just wish, for my own selfish reasons, I can pinpoint it down with certainty.

Lei music summon


In recent months, Iglooghost has come back with two new singles: 'Amu', and 'Eœ (Disk•Initiate)'. He has also created a short documentary on "Lei" music, which delves further into the world he has created. I highly suggest giving that a watch as well. The production value and quality of everything is just far above and beyond top notch. 


If I had to describe Iglooghost with one sentence, it would be this: A wildly unpredictable cacophony of beautiful chaos. After listening for a while, you won’t be able to tell which way is up anymore. With that, I implore everyone to give Iglooghost a check out, I’ll leave some suggested tracks to get started down below.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you check back for more Musica//Obscura in the future!




Clear Tamei – Clear Tamei

Sōlar Blade – Neō Wax Bloom

Mei Mode – Steel Mogu

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