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Please remain seated, keep your tray in its upright position, and try not to throw down too hard to today’s band. Recalibrater. We will be releasing from the Lagrange point with the opening track to Recalibrater’s 2020 remastered release of “The Omniscient One.” ‘Eminence’ sets the stage for what is about to become a wild ride. Filled with heavy djenty chugs and crispy pinch harmonics. This track leads seamlessly into ‘Erromatic’ which stops the action abruptly, before throwing you back into the pit once more for another quasar blast of djent. Are we tired of the space puns yet? I’m not.
Something that really shines about Recalibrater is their atmospheric soundscapes that build beneath the surface. While all hell is breaking loose around you, there is a pool brewing just beneath your feet, full of spacey guitar melodies, or distorted drones that sound like alarms blaring your demise. As is common in life, there must be more to this story. So, I scored us an interview you can catch below.
 Alright so, tell us a little about yourselves:
[Brandon] I’m 27, started out on bass guitar when I was 11 years old, picked up the guitar the following year and have just been adding strings ever since. Personally, I enjoy jamming and writing with friends. When I’m not jamming, I’m coming together with Aaron to create posting material. Unrelated to music I enjoy playing video games and like to take my dirt bike out every once in a great while.
[Aaron] I’m a 30-year-old hardworking single father and a bit of a perfectionist. I started playing guitar when I was 14, jamming out on my dad’s acoustic guitar to bands like Slipknot, System of a Down, and Static-X. The following year I got my first electric guitar and have been playing almost non-stop since. Always progressing my musical interests and influences with each new genre coming out throughout the years. Creating music has always been a big part of me. I also play tons of different games as it’s been another big hobby of mine since my younger years.
‘The Omniscient One’ seems to have an overall theme, what’s the story with the album?
[Aaron] The story of The Omniscient One is focused on a singular being, an android, that monitors the life sustaining systems stationed in a spacecraft within orbit of a planet similar to Earth. This planet went through the worst and would not be habitable if it weren’t for the technology implemented to maintain its atmosphere. As each track progresses, it is revealed that a virus has infiltrated the ship from an unknown source, causing a crash landing as the android battles the virus. In its failed attempts to prevent the virus from spreading to the life-sustaining facilities, disabling them, mankind becomes extinct.
It is eventually learned by the android that the virus was man made. One nihilist destroys everything society has worked so hard to build. The ending of the album’s story tells how the android has created its own new directive to find life elsewhere in the universe and protect it, as that was its initial directive for the failed planet. This is a precursor to what ‘A Bionic World’s story will be: A fresh start on a synthetic world created by the android to try and fix the mistakes caused by man.

I see on Instagram you guys are making your own merch in house, what’s that learning process been like?

[Brandon] Well, luckily, I have a little bit of experience in merch from a job I had back in the day, gaining my creative skills back is the learning curve, trying to gain that muscle memory back. But it’s great being in a band that’s willing to invest in ourselves. We come up with an idea to do merch, and it comes to life the following weekend, pretty nuts if you ask me!
[Aaron] I’m pretty new to the hands-on crafting part of merch but so far, it’s not as complex as I thought it’d be. I’m still fairly new so practice will definitely be needed before everything starts to take off.
Do you guys record everything in house as well?
[Aaron] Everything released by Recalibrater was created at home by me. From recording guitars/vocals, programming drums, mixing, mastering, and even writing the lyrics.
What is the writing process like for you?
[Aaron] It usually begins with me picking up my guitar and coming up with a sweet riff. Other times I hear the music in my head and I quickly jump on the computer, mapping it out on a guitar synth piano roll before I even know how to play the song on guitar. From there, I add drums and the rest of the song usually comes to me naturally from start to finish. Occasionally, I’ll have to come up with an intro or some sort of bridge to another riff somewhere in the song, but the majority of a song gets written in the span of about 5-6 hours.
The explosion of at home recording in the past 15-20 years has changed the face of music forever. It has closed many physical doors of recording studios, but opened countless metaphorical doors for music as whole, and has allowed new subculture genres to flourish and thrive. What do you think this will mean for metal music specifically going forward?
[Brandon] It’s actually extremely refreshing thanks to YouTube and streaming platforms to get to know your favorite artists. It’s opened up a worldwide community we have almost never had. So much wonderful and amazing content from musicians and content creators. Andrew Baena of Carcosa, Joshua Lopez from Widowmaker Studios and Immortal Guardian and other music groups, Rob Scallon and his amazing architecture in music. So many visual inspirations that inspire me to create and want to be on that level with people eventually.
As for the question, this has been a great addition to metal music, not only are people showing their musical talents which was already an art form, it is now beyond that. People are producing their own music! Creating their own content! It’s beautiful!
[Aaron] I have always been a ‘do it myself’ type of person. Having the ability to not have to spend an arm and leg to get your song recorded is incredibly convenient. Having interfaces and software easily accessible and compact in ways that give you everything you need with a small purchase really gives people with the skills a jump ahead on production. I could never afford to create a full studio for myself, but the tools available today make it so you can create the same level of production with far less of an investment. I’d love to one day own my own studio and production business. It has always been a goal of mine to produce bands and artists.
Vaporwave, kawaii future bass, and lo-fi hip hop beats to relax/study to are some goofy subculture music genres that have come up recently. I’ve even found a Shrek theme grindcore band, have you guys come across any weird genre you actually secretly enjoy?
[Aaron] Nothing in particular comes to mind. There are some interesting artists like Polyphia that create an interesting blend of hip hop with some crazy thump techniques on their guitars. It’s really inspiring that musicians are constantly finding new ways to push genre boundaries and introduce different elements to them.
With the corona virus going around and live shows not being put on, how have you gone about finding news fans and promoting your work?
[Aaron] Promotion has been a tougher role lately than before. You can’t go to a show and hand out a demo or play a show to get exposure anymore. So, we’ve been working hard on content for different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a tough upkeep for sure but we’re getting the hang of it.
How stoked are you to play another live show? Are you working on any surprises for your first show back?
[Brandon] Dude... I’d do anything to get back on stage. Once we get a full band together it’s gonna be so nice to get into it again. Surprises? I think the slight change in our sound as of lately is gonna be a great surprise. The ability to give the people all of us from start to finish would be amazing!
What was your local music scene like before the virus hit? Do you think it will change in a post-covid world?
[Brandon] To be completely honest, our music scene 6-10 years ago was freaking awesome. We’ve got to play with some awesome bands like Genocide District, Rings of Saturn, Molotov Solution, Winds of Plague, and some amazing local bands! But ever since those days it’s been pretty dead. Our local venue shut down, places no longer had stages, local bands weren’t bands anymore. It was the community that kept it alive for as long as it was. But now we’d be lucky to get a decent metal show at a bar out here. Quite sad honestly. Once covid is over and done with we wanna try to bring back backyard shows! That’ll get the ball rolling!
When you’re not studying quantum states regarding the wave-particle duality in the studio, what have you been doing during quarantine?
[Brandon] I luckily work a full-time job which consumes most of my time, and watching artists on YouTube with all their newly released music/reviews/etc.
[Aaron] Well, I’m a single father. So, if I’m not out doing something with my awesome kid, I’ll be busy studying in computer science courses or playing some PC games. I also like to do work on my guitars, like swapping out pickups and setting them up myself.
You guys recently put out two new pre-production tracks, and it seems like you’re hinting at a new album. Can you tell us about that, or is it still under wraps? 
[Aaron] There is definitely a new album in the works. You could say it’s already completed… At least instrumentally. We are still seeking a new vocalist that can help complete our music. We intend on releasing it this year as it is, since writing and recording vocals may take some time after we finally find a compatible vocalist. We have plans to record vocals for A Bionic World, too. So that will be released before we get vocals on our new album Dead Orbit.
Is there anything else you guys have in the works?
[Aaron] I am currently working on releasing a remastered version of our instrumental EP A Bionic World. It also has a few additions to some songs which may catch someone off guard if they’ve heard the EP before.

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