Color Guard

If I would’ve taken my life, I would’ve missed out on so much honestly. I would’ve missed out on meeting my boyfriend, getting into color guard, etc. I was depressed because my mom wasn’t there for me, nor did she not want to be. she usually used to beat me, so I didn’t really like being here. But when I moved out to live with my grandparents I was still really depressed, a snail in a shell. After a while I realized my grandparents weren’t bad people and instead cared about me and my interests and wanted to be there in every step of the way. It’s been a long tough ride and it’s been a hell of a road to travel on but. being here makes it worth it, being able to see my baby cousins, my family, my boyfriend, being able to pursue my dreams like being in color guard, etc. I realized it’s not worth it taking your life because why do it when you can be here, and live, and breathe, and experience more.

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