Massive Amounts Of Radiation

My life has been an interesting, challenging and varied roller coaster with some fun, stability and enlightenment  along the way!
When I was six months old, my Mother died. My Father was left with four young children to raise, two babies in diapers. I lived in a foster home from age 2 to 5.  Unfortunately my Father married four times but all these marriages were brief. My siblings and I attended many different schools because my Father would get restless and decide to move.
None of us experienced a stable childhood. I began working at age 19 in Ca because my Father decided to move again. I was very driven to succeed. I typically worked 50 to 60 hours a week. I would date and have boyfriends but never found a man I wanted to marry. 
In 2001 I lost my job at a large corporation. I was laid off because the company I worked for was sold to a Dutch company and all jobs were transferred to their corporate office in Arizona. So I collected unemployment for awhile and ultimately I made a huge decision to relocate to Dallas, Tx. Prior to moving I developed an overactive thyroid which I know was related to my personal stress. 
I really struggled to make a living in Tx so a few years later I relocated to Las Vegas where some close friends lived. Within two years ( mid 2006) I was diagnosed with cancer which was a huge shock to me!
I made the bold decision to try and heal my body holistically since I had always followed holistic practices in CA. My family and friends thought I was crazy! I did well for a few years but unfortunately my cancer spread. So then I needed to have massive amounts of radiation. In late 2009 I had surgery but I refused to get chemotherapy treatment although my friends and family tried to change my mind.
It took me about eighteen months to regain my strength and gain weight. During this time my longtime employer decreased my work hours so I was forced to endure a huge salary decrease.
Eventually the owners sold their company and I moved on to a new company. I worked for many other companies looking for the best job for me.
What I've learned from my cancer experiences and my ongoing employment challenges is I am a very strong woman and I am a fighter and a survivor!! I learned in order to attract positive people and positive experiences, I needed to always maintain a positive attitude. I learned to ask for emotional and financial help from family and friends which initially was extremely difficult. I also experienced a positive increase in my spiritual life. It's important to practice gratitude.
I always felt I practiced healthy eating habits but I don't think I always did. Today we are fortunate to have so many fabulous and healthy food choices which provide such wonderful health benefits.
Today my health is very good although I do have some lingering effects from my radiation treatment. I am thriving both physically and emotionally as well as spiritually!! The positive side to my challenging and crazy life experiences are I've been able to help other people who are struggling with similar circumstances.
I am so very blessed with a huge extended family and I still have the enduring love from my foster Mother in Ky who is still alive at 90  
Thank you so much,

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  • Your story is proof that our struggles only make us stronger and it gives the rest of us hope and the belief that anyone can persevere!

    Mary Dailey

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